City of Jasper makes appointments

The City of Jasper, including the City Council, the Dubois County Commissioners and Mayor Dean Vonderheide, made 2021 appointments Tuesday to various community boards, committees, commissions and county departments.

The appointments include:

Advisory Board of Zoning Appeals of the City of Jasper, four-year terms: Josh Gunselman and Anthony Seng.

Alcoholic Beverage Commission, one-year term: Barb Kendall.

Dubois County Solid Waste Board, one-year term: Chad Lueken.

Dubois County Tourism Commission, two-year term: Mary Klem.

Hospital Authority of the City of Jasper, four-year term: Nanette Parsons.

Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission, one-year term: Paul Lorey.

Jasper City Park & Recreation Board, four year terms: Kristen Ruhe and Greg Eckerle.

Jasper City Planning Commission four-year terms: Greg Schnarr, Blake Krueger and Randy Mehringer.

Jasper Community Arts Commission, four-year terms: Darla Blazey and Selena Vonderheide.

Jasper Partnership Commission, three-year terms: Kim Lottes and Stan Jochum.

Jasper Redevelopment Commission, one-year terms: John Kahle, Phil Mundy, Laura Grammer, Andrew Seger and John Schroeder.

Stormwater Management Board, four-year term: Terry Tanner.

Utility Service Board, four-year terms: Make Harder, Alexander Thomas and Adam Auffart.

Utility Sub-Committees, one-year terms: Dave Hurst (Gas), Chad Lueken (Electric), John Schroeder (Wastewater) and Kevin Manley (Water).

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