City of Jasper enacts virus measures

By Herald Staff

Effective immediately,the City of Jasper is requiring face coverings when entering all facilities owned and operated by the City of Jasper. This applies to everyone regardless of vaccination status.

This policy will be in place until further notice and will depend on COVID-19 status in the area.

City Hall and other city departments will remain open. Public meetings such as City Council, Board of Public Works and Safety, etc., will continue as scheduled. As always, the city will strive to use technology to allow for offsite viewing for public meetings.

The following precautions will be implemented immediately:

• Face coverings are required when entering a city building.

• Practice social distancing.

• Stay at least 6 feet apart from anyone outside your group.

• Practice good hand hygiene. Wash and sanitize hands often.

• Stay home if you are not feeling well.

• Limit unnecessary contact. Refrain from touching others, including hugs and handshakes.

• Continue to use our utility drive-thru service.

Most of the city’s employees’ work is unable to be performed remotely and the city must be able to continue providing services to its citizens. In this regard, the city’s goal is to limit any potential exposure of COVID-19. The city will continue to assess strategies and protocols for all departments.

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