City money might be better spent on other improvements

To the editor:

Here we go again...

The Redevelop Old Jasper Action Coalition wants to buy the Autoplex property on Third Avenue (June 5). It entered into a purchase agreement to buy it. No problem there; it can do as it wishes.
My argument starts with the money that Jasper has to put in. Maybe $100,000 would be OK, but city Councilman Kevin Manley wants to up that to $200,000, and that’s not all. Mr. Manley is a board member of ROJAC. Is that a conflict of interest? Whose money is he giving? His or the taxpayers’ of Jasper?

Does anyone remember that the Autoplex site was once a gas station and how costly it could be to clean up that site? Plus, the restroom is old. Would it need to be demolished, too?

I am fully aware of ROJAC’s contribution and the good it does for our city, but take a walk around Jasper and take a look at our sidewalks. They are in terrible condition, but tourists don’t pay attention to that, do they? The sidewalks along the Strassenfest parade route and close to downtown are good or about to be replaced, but go elsewhere in town and see how they look, like Mill Street.

Only Nancy Eckerle spoke up at this hastily put-together meeting.

Eckerle had so many good points, like about the former Jasper Cabinet building. It looks awful and should be torn down. Will we have to wait until taxpayers’ money comes to the rescue?

The Jasper Wood Products property is a sin and a shame. What are the plans for that eyesore?
I just wish we could have council members who want what’s best for all of Jasper, not just a small part.

—Mark Hopster

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