City Hall Singers

Rachel Mummey/The Herald
Holy Family School kindergartners Kaelyn Sternberg, counterclockwise from left, Gracie Huckelby, Tatum Wehr, Kaiden Schmidt, Jonah Kuczynski and Aiden Persohn sang Christmas carols Jasper Municipal Utilities employees at City Hall during their Mystery Minutes field trip Friday. The group toured City Hall, met Mayor Terry Seitz and sang Christmas songs. The weekly Mystery Minutes field trips, the destinations of which are kept secret from the students until they get there, are planned with help of parents and community members as a way for various organizations to become more involved with the students. This year the kindergartners have gone to Jaycee Park and the fire station on Brames Road in Jasper as well as to Huntingburg Airport.

Rachel Mummey/The Herald
Holy Family School kindergartner Nicholas Kieffner raised his hand with a question alongside his classmates Nate Weinzapfel, left, Aiden Persohn, Alec Wehr and Levi Clauss at Jasper City Hall during their field trip Friday.

Rachel Mummey/The Herald
Holy Family School kindergartners Tatum Wehr, from bottom left, Aiden Persohn, Nicholas Kieffner, Kate Veleeparmbil, Jonah Kuczynski and Gracie Huckelby made guesses as to where Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz sits in the conference room at City Hall during afield trip Friday.

Rachel Mummey/The Herald
Holy Family School kindergartner Kaiden Schmidt checked out Jasper Mayor Terry Seitz’s desk at City Hall during a field trip Friday.

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