City celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work

By The Associated Press

HUNTINGBURG — The City of Huntingburg is celebrating “World Day for Safety and Health at Work” by achieving over 200,000 hours without experiencing a lost time injury. A lost time injury is when an employee sustains an injury at work that leads to loss of production in the form of absenteeism or delays.

“Safety is a top priority for the City of Huntingburg,” said Safety Director Travis Gentry. “We are committed to working towards zero incidents on the jobsite so our employees can continue going home safely.”

Employees were given stainless steel tumblers to mark this accomplishment.

“This achievement is a testament to our employees for their dedication to workplace safety,” said Mayor Steve Schwinghamer. “I am proud of their commitment and look forward to accumulating many more hours without incident in the future.”

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