Chiropractor bringing wellness to Ferdinand



FERDINAND — For Nancy Owens of Holland, opening her own chiropractic clinic has been a longtime dream. Now, that dream is coming to fruition.

Owens recently opened her Ferdinand practice, Wellness Matters Chiropractic, where she will offer chiropractic care and functional medicine services.

Functional medicine looks for the root cause of symptoms and diseases in the body to treat the cause and bring the body back into physiological balance, according to Wellness Matters Chiropractic’s website. Often, that means looking for nutritional deficiencies.

“It’s just neat,” Owens said of functional medicine. “You dig deeper.”

Owens grew up in Germany where she was drawn to natural medicine, often looking at herbal cross references in health food stores to see what herbs helped with which ailments. In Germany, she explained, people take a more holistic approach to health care, and that background set her on the path to becoming a chiropractor in the U.S.

Owens immigrated to the U.S. in 1999 and became a citizen in 2017. She currently lives in Holland with her husband, Trent, and their children — Connie, 15, Noah, 13, Jeffry, 12, Jaden, 10, and Anna, 8.

Nancy attended the Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida, and has been practicing since 2013. Following graduation, she completed an internship in North Carolina before moving to Dubois County — where Trent’s family lives — and taking a job at The Wellness Center in Huntingburg in 2015.

Although she grew up around holistic medicine, Nancy said she didn’t hear about chiropractic until she came to the U.S. and met Trent. Trent suffered from migraines and had been using chiropractic to mitigate the symptoms for years. She had her first chiropractic adjustment after sleeping in a sitting position and waking up with difficulty swallowing. A family member suggested she have a chiropractic adjustment, so she took the advice and was amazed at how quickly it eased her trouble swallowing.

“I think every chiropractor has a story like that,” she said.

A similar personal experience led her to functional medicine. As she and Trent explored the root cause of his migraines, they learned it was related to food sensitivity. Once he changed his diet, the migraines stopped. Then, when she found out she had an autoimmune disease related to her thyroid, she again looked to dietary changes to alleviate her symptoms. Once again the changes made a huge difference. Amazed at the results she and Trent saw, Owens dug deeper into nutrition and the science behind it. That led her to Functional Medicine University, an online school that offers programs for licensed physicians to add a functional medicine continuing education certification. Nancy is working on her certification and looks forward to offering the service alongside chiropractic care.

“It goes hand in hand,” she said. “A lot of our issues are related to nutrition. You have to address that, or you’re just going in circles.”

For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit Nancy also plans to hold a grand opening for her practice in August.

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