Changes needed at post office

To the editor:

I read with interest Robert Ruxer’s letter to the editor regarding no ADA entrance to the Jasper post office. A few years ago, when the Ben Franklin store on the north side of Jasper closed, I knew I had a problem because they were an ADA post office site. Around the same time there was an article in the Herald about our post office. It had a name and email address of a state USPS official. I sent her an email. The article mentioned a mobile post office that the state had. I thought yeah, maybe a solution. Not at all. She had no idea what the article referenced. I asked her why they do not have a ramp in the front of the building. She told me the post office is on the National Register and no changes can be made.

I asked the local post master when/if they would have a second location that is ADA compliant. I was told there is a lot of red tape and forms to complete to make it worth their trouble and businesses decide it is not worth it.

You know most everyone will at some time find steps are not possible. Let’s hope our elected leaders take a look at what changes can be made at the post office so everyone can use it. Or have the city take the lead to find an ADA business who will become a satellite post office. Most every time I went to Ben Franklin to use the post office, I spotted something I just had to have and spent money in their store.

—Becky Boehm

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