Census data shows county population growth


Dubois County has grown in terms of population, diversity and housing in the past decade, according to 2020 U.S. Census data released Thursday.

Dubois County saw a total population increase of 4.2% since 2010, for a total population of 43,637 in 2020. Within the county, Jasper saw the most growth, with an increase of 11.1%, for a total population of 16,703. Huntingburg’s population grew 5% to 6,362, and Ferdinand’s stayed the same at 2,157.

Housing grew throughout the county, as well. In Jasper, total housing units grew 11.7% to 7,173 in 2020. Total housing units in Huntingburg grew 5.7% for a total of 2,634, and units in Ferdinand grew 7.7% for a total of 933. Total vacant housing units decreased in Jasper and Huntingburg but slightly rose in Ferdinand.

Dubois County also joined Indiana and the nation in a trend toward more racial diversity since 2010.

The county’s white population decreased from 95.1% in 2010 to 89.1% in 2020. The Black population grew from 122 people to 202, totaling 0.5% of the county. The county’s Hispanic population grew from 2,521 people to 4,146, totaling 9.5% of the county. American Indian and Asian populations within the county also grew over the past decade.

Indiana's total population increased by 4.7% within the past decade, but many rural counties saw decreases. Out of the state’s 92 counties, 49 recorded declines in population, including 11 that lost more than 5%.

In the area surrounding Dubois County, the majority of counties saw a decline in population. Martin County saw a 5.1% decrease; Perry County saw a 0.9% decrease; Spencer County saw a 5.5% decrease; and Pike County saw a 4.6% decrease. Conversely, Orange County saw a 0.1% increase; Daviess County saw a 5.5% increase; and Warrick County saw a 7.1% increase.

The new census data is meant to be a snapshot of populations across the country as of April 2020. Census data is important because it will be used to draw new congressional and legislative election districts. This 2020 data is also one of the most comprehensive in terms of the country’s racial and ethnic makeup.

More detailed information about Dubois County’s census results can be found here.

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