Cave that yielded fossils opens to public

By The Associated Press

CORYDON — A southern Indiana cave that’s part of one of the nation’s largest cave systems has opened for the summer with the addition of a large chamber where explorers found a trove of ice age fossils.

Indiana Caverns opened Saturday boasting a series of new walkways that run through a big cave chamber where the fossilized bones of black bears, flat nosed peccaries, bison and other ice age mammals were discovered in 2010.

Indiana Caverns’ chief executive officer Gary Roberson tells WLKY-TV he expects that the new chamber will attract more visitors to the cave just south of Corydon.

The cave now encompasses 36 miles of subterranean passageways. It’s part of the Binkley Cave system, which is the 11th-largest cave system in the nation.

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