Cattle Call

Photos by Brittney Lohmiller/The Herald
After shucking ears of corn from his vegetable garden, Steve Lindauer and his grandson Tyler, 6, both of Jasper, took the leaves and leftover stalks to give their 10 cattle a snack Wednesday evening in Jasper. Steve and Tyler petted Rosie, a Charolais-Hereferd crossbred, and her calf, Tulip, before heading home. Along with cattle, Lindauer also owns a handful of goats. "It's our expensive family hobby," Lindauer said. "But it gives me something to do with the kids and it teaches them life lessons; they learn a lot about biology too."


While Ginger, a South African boar goat, munched on leaves Tyler tried to walk her around. "She's (Ginger) been teaching Tyler how to lead goats all summer," Lindauer said. Next year Tyler hopes to show animals through 4-H.


Steve and Tyler tried to coax the calf, Tulip, into trying an ear of sweet corn before the pair headed home.

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