Cat brothers bring both quiet, quirky

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Ian Weyer has offered stability as Jasper’s No. 2 golfer this season, and with younger brother Cam occupying the No. 5 spot in the lineup, the Wildcats have reached Thursday’s regional at Country Oaks Golf Club in Montgomery. Southridge and Heritage Hills will join Jasper as the top three teams in the regional will advance to next week’s state finals.

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As results continued to trickle in during the Wildcat Invitational on May 5, golfers, parents and coaches turned their attention toward the Kentucky Derby being broadcast on the two TVs in the clubhouse at Sultan’s Run Golf Course.

One head bobbed above the rest.

C. Weyer

Jasper sophomore Cam Weyer, a self-professed gambler and racing lover, jumped and shouted his encouragement to his chosen horse, Bodemeister, as the race got under way. Generally enthusiastic and not shy with his emotions, Weyer had no problem voicing his displeasure when the Derby favorite lost by a nose.

That didn’t stop older brother, senior Ian, from shaking his head in disapproval.

“(Ian) says I embarrass him a lot,” Cam said.

The scene illustrated the innate differences between the Wildcats’ brotherly duo. From general disposition to how they conduct themselves on a golf course, there are very few ways in which these two are similar.

“I’m more of the energetic one,” Cam said. “I’m always messing around with the team, kind of being the one that’s playing the jokes and the tricks. (Ian’s) more of a quiet guy, but he’ll get mad at me often because I’m always messing around on the course.”

In many ways, that’s all part of Cam’s strategy. The Cats’ fiery No. 5 golfer lets everyone know when he’s doing well — and if it bothers his competitors, all the better. But while Cam prefers to get in people’s heads with his cheeky personality, Ian, Jasper’s No. 2 in the lineup, likes to let his play speak for itself.

“I definitely get on my partners’ nerves; that’s just who I am, really,” Cam said. “I mess around with them and I’ve been threatened to get hit before on the course because I mess around, but I try to get in people’s minds whenever I’m playing.”

“I just let it be with skill on the course,” Ian added. “Not my mouth.”

Perhaps that’s why it’s rare to see them cross paths on the golf course away from competition. Though they’ve played together since childhood, Ian and Cam now tend to avoid practicing together. Call it part brotherly competition, part personality clash.
For now, Cam saves the fist pumps for golfers in different-colored shirts.

It wasn’t always that way, Ian admitted, as he said he was more emotional as an underclassman. But as the goals and expectations evolved for the increasingly talented Cats, he opted to curb theatrics for a more even-keeled approach. Even if a celebratory gesture still makes an appearance from time to time.

“I guess freshman and sophomore year I was a little more fiery, I was a little bit more like (Cam),” Ian said. “I started getting quieter and quieter and serious. ... The expectations got a little bit stiffer this year and just trying my hardest to meet those expectations and goals because this year is the good year, I think; the year that we could really do some damage.”

The one trait they share, and which coach Steve Milligan said is a trademark of this season’s team, is their penchant for hard work. Despite their differences, Ian, Cam and the Cats, who will compete in Thursday’s regional at Country Oaks Golf Club in Montgomery along with Southridge and No. 11 Heritage Hills, have the same goal in mind: win.

Just one example of many from Milligan came after Jasper claimed Friday’s sectional title, when the team hit the links after already spending six hours on the course. Cam and Michael Bies immediately headed toward the driving range and were later joined by Ian, Will Seger and Dru Hein and the group ate pizza and played chipping games until nightfall.

That work ethic is what’s set this group apart, said Milligan. The eighth-ranked Wildcats, whose last and only regional title was in 2008, now don’t expect only to advance out of the regional, it’s their full expectation to win it. That confidence is something of a departure from years past, Ian intimated.

“We’re laid-back, fun, energetic,” Cam said, “but our one goal is there to win.”
“We got third two years ago, last year second,” Ian added. “This year, nothing but first. We think first is the ultimate goal this year.”

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