Carding senior citizens is disrespectul, humiliating

To the editor:

I’m 69 years old and I have a major issue with having to show my ID to purchase alcoholic beverages. I find it very disrespectful and humiliating to regress 50 years. We don’t have many perks and not having to be carded has now been taken away.

The reason I’m writing to you is that a couple of days ago I was at a local restaurant and did not have any ID with me. It was a place I’ve been to many times and have never been carded. Of course, this time I’m with my wife and friends and the waitress asks to see my ID. I said I don’t have it, and being the model employee that she was, she wouldn’t serve me. I made a scene, for which I’m sorry for embarrassing my wife and friends.

In retrospect, I’m more sorry that I didn’t take a stand a lot earlier. My only stand has been to not buy alcohol from places that ask for ID. I know this probably sounds petty to a lot of people, but it is just another step in losing our rights and we just put up with it because it is easier than to stand up for ourselves.

This is an issue we could have control over by hitting them where it hurts — in the pocketbook.
If enough people of the age where it is obvious they are older than 21 would make it clear to the establishments that requires IDs for everyone that they will not buy from them, it just might put a dent in their liquor sales. The power of the dollar is one of the few powers we have left.

—John Jakobson

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