Car contacts guardrail north of Huntingburg

From Local Sources

HUNTINGBURG — Car trouble was reported as a factor in a vehicle-versus-guardrail collision late Wednesday afternoon north of Huntingburg.

Ronald T. Parido, 72, Huntingburg, was southbound on U.S. 231 in a 1999 Jaguar XK at the time of the 5:58 p.m. mishap, according to the Dubois County Sheriff’s Office.

Parido reported his car quit running and, when he attempted to restart it, the vehicle’s power steering quit working. As Parido worked to control the vehicle, the Jaguar’s front right side rubbed against the highway guardrail in front of Gudorf Supply, 2875 S. U.S. 231.

Damage to the car’s front fender and headlight area was estimated between $1,000 and $2,500.

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