Candle starts Dubois-area bathroom fire

From Local Sources

DUBOIS — A candle started a bathroom fire at a house south of Dubois Tuesday afternoon.

Units of the Dubois Volunteer Fire Department were called to the Brian Heeke residence at 2501 N. Celestine Road North at 4:41 p.m.

Department spokesman Zach Eichmiller said a candle in a basement bathroom had something flammable close to it that ignited during a Christmas get-together. The bathroom door was closed so the fire was not discovered until someone opened the door, Eichmiller added.

The Heeke’s son, Theo, took a rug and smothered the fire, Eichmiller said.

Flames had burned up a wall but were contained there.

Firefighters exhausted smoke.

Three trucks and 19 firefighters were on the scene 40 minutes.

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