Call your senators now; ask them to defund Obamacare

To the editor:

The battle here in Dubois County and in Washington over Obamacare is the battle for the future of the economy and personal freedom. That is a bold statement, and I don’t make it lightly. If the conservatives in Washington do not prevail, health insurance chaos will begin for each and every one of us. You think health care is expensive or difficult today? You haven’t seen anything yet. If Obamacare becomes the law of the land, costs will skyrocket immediately, wait lines for care will grow exponentially, doctors will quit their practices, your taxes will fund abortions, and every business with more than 50 full-time employees will drop their health insurance by 2016 and force you to buy your insurance.

Yes, you read it here first. Your company right here in Dubois County has developed plans to drop health insurance coverage because of Obamacare. Doctors have already started retiring or moving on to different things. How many people stuck working part-time jobs can you think of right now? Maybe we could have back our part of the $39 million Dubois County has stored in its obtuse reserves.

Christians and people of faith will see their government directly use our hard-earned revenue and see babies murdered with it via abortions. In the Bible, history shows Pilate washed his hands of the death of Christ, but we all know he knew exactly what was to happen. Christians and those of faith today have a choice. Do I make a phone call and let my voice be heard or be just like Pilate and stay silent? It isn’t easy being active in politics, but what is the point of believing in something if you won’t act on that faith?

If you oppose Obamacare, you need to call Sens. Dan Coats’ and Joe Donnelly’s offices today and then call Rep. Larry Bucshon’s office, too. Tell them that any vote that ends up allowing Obamacare to be funded by Oct. 1 will be seen as being in favor of Obamacare. So much hinges on the next few days. What will you do?

—Adrian Engelberth

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