Businesses asked to re-evaluate 'essential' status

From Local Sources

JASPER — The Dubois County Health Department, with support from Dubois County Commissioners, is strongly encouraging all businesses to re-evaluate their essential business status.

The department asks businesses to close if they cannot justify that they are an essential business. For businesses (retail, manufacturing and others) who have been considering closing down, now is the time," the health department says.

For essential businesses who remain open, your employees must be able to:

• Practice social distancing.

• Practice frequent hand washing.

• Cloth face coverings need to be worn in any community setting, including while working.

"If your business cannot provide these essential practices for your employees, then we urge your business to close," the county health department says. "To save lives and reduce the damage threatened by this tragedy, we must spare no effort in following guidelines."

“We believe that almost everyone in Dubois County is doing their best but almost is not enough,” said Dr. Ted Waflart, Dubois County Health Officer. “To defeat this devastating virus, every single one of us without exception needs to be making the maximum effort. We must stay strong, support each other and stay optimistic.”

A nonformal complaint can be made anonymously by anyone and does not require a signature. Nonformal complaints result in the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Administration contacting the company by phone, mail, e-mail or fax to investigate alleged hazards. To submit a complaint go to:

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