Bumpy crossing shouldn't be county's problem to fix

To the editor:

I love it when I learn something new in The Herald.

For instance, when a railroad crossing gate is put in the state pays most of the money, the county pays the rest and the railroad pays ZERO. If that is the arrangement, I’m ok with it.

It seems as if, last fall, the railroad PAID a contractor from Georgia to come to our county and make our railroad crossings bumpier. No kidding. County roads 400W and 600W had just been paved — a very smooooth job for a crossing. Then they fix it with pre-made potholes.

If a contractor in Indiana works to cut a road they have to bond in case they don’t do a good job. The bond money is used to fix the problem. Doesn’t the railroad or their contractor have to do the same ? The county shouldn’t have to fix it. They already did.

And, if I am right, bumpy County Road 600W is where the “no cost to the railroad” crossing is to be put in.

Can’t someone at least get them to fix it before the state and county spend thousands?

—Mike Lammers

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