Brown County switches on leaf cam that eyes fall foliage

By The Associated Press

NASHVILLE — Brown County tourism officials have switched on their seasonal leaf cam that monitors the forested region's changing fall foliage.

See the leaf cam here.

The camera that's perched atop a cabin near the southern Indiana county's Bean Blossom overlook shows a panoramic view of the scenery nearby, and refreshes every 15 minutes.

The forested view of the county that's a popular tourist destination currently shows largely green leaves. But the foliage will be filling up with autumnal reds, yellows, oranges and browns in the coming weeks.

The Herald-Times reports that the Brown County Convention and Visitors Bureau says that between late September and early November the county's trees will put on a showy display with an array of colors.

Mid-October is usually the peak season for those colors. Weather can affect its arrival time.

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