Bretzville signal flashes to life

From local sources

BRETZVILLE — The Indiana Department of Transportation says the new traffic signal at the Bretzville Junction will be activated after 1 p.m. today.

Electric crews plan to switch on power to the signal at state roads 162 and 64 this afternoon. It initially will flash red in all directions, indicating a four-way stop, which is the current traffic pattern there.

INDOT spokeswoman Cher Elliott said that on Tuesday, weather permitting, a pavement markings contractor will place the final turn arrow markings and lane indicators. Once all markings are in place, she said, the traffic signal’s red, yellow and green lights will begin full activation.

Lutgring Bros. of Tell City won the $1 million contract for the work that is also adding dedicated left-turn lanes for northbound and southbound traffic on State Road 162.

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