Braun's climate change caucus should look at Dale

To the editor:

Senator Mike Braun of Jasper recently introduced a bipartisan caucus to mitigate climate change. He can start by keeping Riverview from building their coal-to-diesel plant in Dale.

Riverview’s plant will emit over 2.2 million tons of greenhouse gases each year. This is more than all the passenger cars in Dubois, Spencer, Perry, Posey, Vanderburgh, Gibson, Warrick and Pike counties COMBINED. In other words, it will more than double the greenhouse gas emissions from passenger cars in southwestern Indiana.

Senator Braun said, “If you are not accepting the basic chemistry and physics that putting carbon in the air creates a greenhouse gas effect, then [his caucus] is not the right place to be."

I agree.

Start right here in southwestern Indiana, Senator Braun!

—Randy Vaal
Santa Claus

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