Braun, there are no do-overs

To the editor:

Sen. Braun, I hate to inform you, but being a U.S. senator and playing golf are not the same. In golf you get do-overs. In taking your oath of office you swore to uphold the law of the land. This law states the people of this great country shall elect a President to govern we the people. The votes shall be tallied by each state and be certified as correct. All states, after many recounts and many lawsuits, even the Supreme Court stated the vote count was correct. For reasons only you know, you decided to join 10 of your senate buddies to protest the peoples votes. We cast votes for candidates we wanted. This brings us back to the do-overs. Your threat to contest the certification of the election gave Trump a window to rally his troops to overturn the election and stage a coup. Everyone could see his base overrun the Congress buildings. The sheer number of rioters beating D.C. police was unreal. The damage to a sacred part of democracy cannot be justified. You enabled this to happen. Lives were lost. But, to me the most damning thing is in a statement from you. Though I will continue to push for a thorough investigation into the election irregularities many Hoosiers are concerned with as my objection was intended, I have withdrawn that objection and will vote to get this ugly day behind us. Mr. Braun, that day will never be behind you. On that day you aided in an uprising against our Country, our values, beliefs and every thing America stands for. You state you will keep pushing THE LIE but while you are pushing, your hands will never wear away the blood. Mike remember, it is not golf, no do-overs.

— Gary Bauer

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