Book on religion and politics important read

To the editor:

A Catholic master of divinity and university professor met with a Protestant professor emeritus of theology. The meeting was called to discuss how to alert the nation, especially Christians, about a clear and present danger to The United States and to the future of the world. In addition, these two students of the teachings of Christ see equal danger to the future of Christian teachings.

The decision was made to publish a book of essays, written by Evangelical thought leaders, and 30 of them were eager to participate. The Catholic master of divinity wrote an introduction which describes the project. The title of the book is "The Spiritual Danger Of Donald Trump," edited by Ronald J. Sider, the professor emeritus of theology.

This is a book for those who believe that The Donald was sent by God to do anything at all, especially to be president. It is a book for those who believe that mixing politics and religion is good for religion. It is a book for anyone who considers themselves a Christian or a voter and especially if they are both. I think this includes most people reading The Herald, and local libraries would do a valuable service to have multiple copies available in print and digital.

—David Dudine

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