Bombers determined to learn from rough night

Photos by Daniel Vasta/The Herald
Dubois County Bombers' Bennett Shoptaw pitches during Tuesday's baseball game at League Stadium in Huntingburg. The Madisonville Miners defeated the Dubois County Bombers 10-0 as the Bombers never fully got into a rhythm — something that happens occasionally in baseball.


HUNTINGBURG — Everyone has experienced a day where nothing seemed to go their way.

Perhaps there was an accident on your route to work that set you back, or maybe the elements of a project you were working didn’t line up and now you have to start over. Whatever the case maybe, a once sunny disposition has now soured because of some setbacks. That’s a little bit of how the Bombers felt after they finished playing their Tuesday night game where the breaks just didn’t go their way as they fell to the Madisonville Miners 10-0.

Bombers (2-2) coach Travis LaMar thought the effort from his team was there, but he pointed to errors in the field and on the base paths where the team either extended innings or cost themselves scoring opportunities. Their also seemed to always find their way into the gloves of Miners fielder. LaMar chose to think of the game as one of those outings that wasn’t meant to be.

“I told the guys we were going to chalk it up as one of those days in baseball where the ball just doesn’t find the hole,” he said. “We made a few mistakes defensively that put us in situation...we had a ball in the second inning that if we catch it we’re out of their with no runs scored. We had a few base running mistakes where we had an opportunity to score and we squandered that away. It is what it is.”

The slow drip was manageable at first. Miners (1-2) Center fielder Justin Washington led off the first with a single and was followed by second baseman Colton Olasin after he drew a walk. Left fielder Jacob Council hit into a play at first base, but advanced the runners in the process. Designated hitter Sam Boese hit a fly ball which was caught in left field, but drove in Washington for the Miners’ first run. Catcher Mason Libla then hit a double to put the Miners up 2-0.

The real damage came in the top of the second. With two outs, Washington was able to nab a single which not only put himself on base, but also moved shortstop Charlie Szykowny to second. Olasin drew a second walk to load up the bases. Council then took up his bat and clipped a triple that cleared the bags and put the Miners up 5-0. Bombers starter Nick Parrish was then called for a balk, which allowed Council to come in for the sixth run.

The Bombers simply couldn’t recover that outburst. Their batting line up went three up, three down in the bottom of the second, third, and fourth innings. They finally got a base hit after catcher Britton Graham took advantage of a fielding error at the bag to make first base. But they struggled to find gaps in the field all game long. Meanwhile, the Miners would put up four more runs on the way to the game getting called at the end of the seventh inning.

Parrish (1-1) pitched two innings and allowed five hits for six runs with two walks and two strikeouts. Bennet Shoptaw picked up four innings and allowed seven hits for four runs (two earned), one walk, and three strikeouts. Devin Morris pitched the seventh and struck out two. Tyler Best went 2-for-3 on the night.

Dubois County Bombers' Marcus Hill runs to first base during Tuesday's baseball game at League Stadium in Huntingburg.

Miners starter Andrew Mann (1-0) pitched six innings and allowed only three hits with four strikeouts. Zack Toth pitched the final inning where he surrendered three hits. Jacob Council went 2-for-4 with three RBI. Ben Teel went 1-for-3 with two RBI.

“We struggled this evening, it’s a part of baseball” said Parrish, who pointed to himself specifically for not setting the tone on the mound like he wanted to. “There’s good days and bad days. We struggled as a whole.”

While the game stung in its immediate aftermath, the team put it in the perspective of using Tuesday night as a learning experience as they work on putting it all together at this early stage in the season. LaMar said the team received three new players last night and he decided to play them in the game to see what they had. Overall he feels like the Bombers can learn a lot from this game, and once they do they’ll put it behind them so the team can move toward better games in the future.

”Ultimately for the first week that’s the goal,” he said. “Getting to know the guys, what they’re capable of, what we really need to focus on. I’m pleased with how well they’ve meshed together as a unit, it’s just a matter of time before everything starts to click.”

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