Boilermaker's Union is also a part of the community

To the editor:

I’m a member of the Boilermaker’s Union Local 374. I attended the public hearing on IDEM’s draft permit for Riverview Energy’s coal-to-diesel plant this week in Lincoln City. I was glad to see my neighbors and fellow townspeople coming together to discuss this important community issue.

Our local was established here more than 80 years ago. I am a third-generation Boilermaker and extremely proud of the craft I practice and represent. I am also a contributing member of this community, as are my colleague Boilermakers. We raise our families here, go to school and church here, bank here, buy our groceries and other items here and have many friends here about whom we care deeply.

There were a lot of emotional opinions shared at the hearing. One of those opinions was that the Boilermakers only support the proposed plant in Dale because it will provide jobs for us and that once it’s built, we’ll pack up and leave.

That is simply not true. We support this plant because it will be good for our community’s economy. We work hard to make sure plants such as Riverview have as little climate impact as possible. Boilermakers build and maintain pollution control systems in plants across America and Canada. In fact, we are at the forefront of implementing technology to decrease North America’s carbon footprint.

I heard anguish in many voices at the hearing — on both sides of the issue. Rest assured that I and my fellow Boilermakers only want what’s best for our community and our families. Remember: Our families live here, too. That’s why we believe the evidence that supports building this coal-to-diesel plant outweighs that in opposition. We want to see every pollution control method available deployed at Riverview — including carbon capture technology (see

And no matter what the decision comes down to, your Boilermaker neighbors will continue to support our local businesses and public institutions — like we always have. Our kids will still play with yours. We’ll sit with you at church. We’ll donate to local charities. Because we are in this together.

—Timothy G. Brumfield
Boilermakers Local 374, Zone 3 Business Agent

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