Board voices support for learning platform

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FERDINAND — The Southeast Dubois School Board expressed its support for the use of the Summit Learning platform for fifth- and sixth-graders at Cedar Crest Intermediate School Wednesday evening.

Staff from the school gave a presentation about the inaugural year for the online learning platform, citing reasons they like the program. Among those reasons were more one-on-one time with their students, the ability to individualize instruction and more responsibility and time-management skills for the students.

Two parents also spoke about the benefits the platform has had for their children, most notably the individualized instruction that has allowed their children to learn in their learning styles.

Principal Mark Jahn acknowledged that the transition has been difficult, with many parents sharing concerns about the platform, including students’ screen time and some of the content in the base curriculum Summit provides. The platform does allow teachers to customize content.

Going into next year, Jahn said, teachers plan to switch out the curriculum from the modified base curriculum to one that is designed by them. The school also plans to issue students new email addresses that don’t include student names for added privacy and host additional parent training on the Summit system.

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