Board discusses parking options for ballgames


DUBOIS — Officials have heard from the public asking where they can park at the Northeast Dubois Junior-Senior High School to attend sporting game at the school.

“We’re doing the best we can,” Superintendent Bill Hochgesang said during Tuesday evening’s Northeast Dubois School Board meeting.

The school is currently undergoing renovations. That includes constructing a new gym and weight room and renovating the areas around the current gym and the main entrance. This follows work that has been done to create a seventh- and eighth-grade wing at the high school that connects to the industrial technology and art classrooms via an additional hallway, as well as upgrades to science labs and career and industrial tech areas that will be shared between high school and seventh- and eighth-grade classes.

The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units that sat in some parking spaces along the drive leading to the school were removed and installed on Tuesday, Gary Bair, clerk of the works, told the board. Bair is overseeing the construction progress.

“So now have the 32 parking spaces open again that were consumed by materials,” Bair said. Contractors do not plan to use them to store anything else, and will only use some for parking during the day, he said. “So that’s going to help somewhat,” he said.

Bair talked to the contractors about new parking lot on the side opposite of the soccer field. “I didn’t walk away with good results,” he said. “But I’ll keep pushing on that.” At this time, they using it for materials, he said.

Bair added that since the area is wet, it may be risky to go in and move dirt around.

Hochgesang said that players, cheerleaders ,band members and coaches will park in the east front parking lot for home games, “so that the fans will have the whole back parking lot.”

The construction fence in front of the building will be moved 25 feet, which may possibly allow more parking space. But that needs to be checked first, Bair said.

The work on the renovations are coming along.

Contractors estimated last Monday that it will take about 30 days to get everything under roof, weather permitting, Bair said. Work to connect the old building to the new section started Tuesday, and will be a time-consuming process, he said.

“You can only take down so much of the old material. And you have to do it when the weather is permissible,” he said, “otherwise, you’ll have a flood in the building. We don’t want to have another flood inside a building.”

Block layers expect to complete laying brick by the end of this week. After that, there will be areas that need to be worked on inside the building, which should take about 10 days, Bair reported. The work projects to be done are the duct work in the gym, lighting and painting, he said.

The renovations are part of the schools’ restructuring, which included renaming the school buildings: Northeast Dubois Junior-Senior High School. The middle school and elementary schools were renamed, Northeast Dubois Intermediate School and Northeast Dubois Elementary. In the process, Celestine Elementary was closed and those students were moved to Northeast Dubois Elementary.

The school board also:

Hired Riley Mehringer as a first-grade teacher for Northeast Dubois Elementary School.

Learned that the Dubois County Sportsman Club, the Jasper Rifle and Gun Club and the National Archery in Schools Program donated money to the district for purchasing archery equipment the Northeast Dubois Intermediate School lost in the Aug. 30 flood. This replaces more $15,000 worth of equipment and provides students the opportunity to participate in archery again, Hochgesang said. School officials on looking at where the archery practices can take place, Principal Ryan Case said.

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