Board considers removing some parking on Geiger


HUNTINGBURG — The north side of the intersection of Fourth and Geiger streets in Huntingburg can be tight for two vehicles to get through, which is a safety concern, especially for emergency personnel that may have to go through the area, Street Superintendent Jason Stamm told the Huntingburg Board of Public Works and Safety.

Stamm brought the matter to the board last month, and they discussed it Thursday, though no decision was made.

One possible solution is to remove three parking spaces on the street.

Board member Kerry Blessinger said he is concerned about removing the spaces since they are so close to Fourth Street.

“I just think that’s three parking spots for Fourth Street,” he said. “We need to look at this long and hard before we just get rid of those parking spots.”

Stamm agreed that it wouldn’t be ideal. “You are losing three parking spots, and parking is a concern in downtown,” he said. “But safety as far as being able to make that turn is also important.”

With the new Fourth Street design, the northeast corner’s sidewalk is redesigned and extends a little farther out than before. And there are parking spaces on the west side of Geiger just north of Fourth.

If a vehicle is at the intersection and turns to drive north of Geiger, a vehicle that’s southbound on Geiger at the intersection has to scoot to the west to make room, Stamm explained last month. But if there are cars parked on the west side of Geiger at the intersection, the vehicle does not have room to move over, he said.

“Other than taking those parking spots away, I don’t know of any other solution to that issue,” Stamm said.

Blessinger went out to look the intersection and asked neighbors who own the property at the corner. They said that they use one of the spots, he said.

At Thursday’s meeting, Blessinger asked Stamm about the planter box on Geiger Street, which extends 9 feet from the curb. “The others are 6 1/2 feet from the curb,” he said. “Why is that one in the road 2 1/2 feet more?”

Stamm and Mayor Denny Spinner said they will check the design plans and talk to the designer to find out the reason.

Law enforcement brought the issue to Stamm, and he can see the problem.

“The biggest concern that I would have is if an emergency vehicle is trying to make that turn. Will that happen? I don’t know. But if it ever does, it will be a concern or an issue.”

The board will continue reviewing the matter.

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