Blue Chip reveals All-Conference runners

By Herald Staff

The Blue Chip Conference tweeted out this week which runners been named to the All-Conference cross country teams. This includes Northeast Dubois with a pair of runners each on the boys and girls sides.


Sara Livingston, Northeast Dubois, Junior

Paige Wildman, Northeast Dubois, Junior

Aubrey Nowaskie, South Knox, Sophomore

Ava Like, South Knox, Junior

Abby Cunningham, South Knox, Sophomore

Peyton Roberts, South Knox, Junior

Macie Couchenour, South Knox, Senior

Abby Ballengee, Barr-Reeve, Senior

Makenna Pruett, Barr-Reeve, Senior

Elle Knepp, Barr-Reeve Sophomore

Alexis Bauer, Barr-Reeve, Senior

Rorri Bottum, North Knox, Freshman


Brandon Schnell, Northeast Dubois, Junior

Preston Brinkman, Northeast Dubois, Senior

Jacob Siewers, South Knox, Senior

Caleb Cork, South Knox, Junior

Dylan Maeder, South Knox, Junior

Chase Staggs, South Knox, Junior

Zach Woolard, South Knox, Freshman

Ezra Anson, South Knox, Freshman

Lane Garner, South Knox, Junior

Sam Singleton, South Knox, Freshman

Calvin Crabtree, North Knox, Sophomore

Colton Stoll, Barr-Reeve, Junior

Caleb Sward, Barr-Reeve, Junior

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