Blindly following others not in USA's best interest

To the editor:

Trump backed out of the Iran Nuclear accord, an agreement that the UN Security Council along with 90 independent nations and 29 of America’s top nuclear scientists supported.  By placing severe sanctions on Iran, the Trump Administration appears to want Iran to be backed into a corner and open hostilities in order to give America an excuse to attack it.  I believe this is why UN Ambassador Niki Halley resigned; why Defense Secretary General Mathis and Chief of Staff General Kelly resigned.  

I fear that John Bolton, Trumps National Security Advisor (a well-known “War Hawk”), wants the US to start a war with Iran. Open hostilities between the US and Iran will not only benefit Israel, Russia and Saudi Arabia, but the American Petroleum Institute, all the while, diverting negative news regarding Trump.

Two former heads of Mossad (the Israeli CIA) along with General Colin Powell, Secretary of State under George W. Bush and General Petraeus, Bush’s former head of the CIA, were in agreement with the accord. Intelligence circles know Israel planned an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, but they want the US to do it instead. 

It appears Israel (and Saudi Arabia) want the USA to aggravate Iran and enter into another Israeli inspired Middle East war, just so Israel can remain the only nuclear armed country in the region and Islamic hardliner Saudi Arabia can weaken their arch enemy, Islamic moderate Iran. I feel that blindly following the political desires of Israel and Saudi Arabia is not in the interests of the USA. I feel that Trump’s style of diplomacy only wants to show the public he can force and threaten others to sign a new deal with his name on it, instead of Obama’s. The recent downing of an intruding US owned drone may indicate the administration is again lying. If the drone was shot down where the Trump administration says it was, the debris should have fallen into the ocean, not on Iranian soil. The Russians confirmed that the drone was over Iranian air space and I’ll give you one guess who trusts the Russians more than his own administration.

—Dan Barrett

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