Bicentennial Birthday Bash

Photos by Brittney Lohmiller/The Herald
To celebrate Dubois County’s 200th birthday, the City of Huntingburg hosted a Bicentennial Birthday Block Party on Thursday evening. Sandy Kays of Huntingburg celebrated successfully removing a block from the Jenga tower while playing against Kate Schwenk of Jasper. “I could play this all night,” Kays said. 


Jayne Dodd of Huntingburg created the cake for the county and the Huntingburg Chamber of Commerce provided free cupcakes for anyone attending the block party.


Lacey Vollner, left, drew a butterfly around Amelia Wendholt, 3, while her mother, Abby, all of Huntingburg, cleaned off chocolate crumbs before taking a photo.


Callie Poehlein of Tobinsport gave Tori Smith of English, 13, a henna tattoo inside The Art Factory.


Callie Poehlein of Tobinsport, left, gave Kaelyn Marchino, center, a henna tattoo while Johana Bramos, both 6, and Keilah Blanchette, all of Huntingburg, watched inside The Art Factory.


Max Menke of Holland, 12, relaxed and read OFS Brands' new magazine "Imagine a Place" outside of Old School Cafe.



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