Big government is the big problem

To the editor:

Our land won’t heal until the American people remember the fact that for centuries it was what the people freely did individually within civil society, and not what government did, that made us great. Not until big government gets its nose out of our families, churches, schools, health care and the economy will America recover its happiness and prosperity.

A price is paid for government big enough to care for, and thus, manipulate its subjects. An Injustice Department spying on journalists, a spy agency collecting private information of citizens caught up in a dragnet and individuals and groups targeted by the IRS are some of the tyrannical hallmarks of big government. Stagflation, with declining standards of living and falling levels of wealth for all but the top tier of society, comes naturally with the crony capitalism of big government.

You know the scam! Those who greedily undermined the economy, and then were “deemed to be too big to fail,” got bailed out by big government while we got the shaft with a centrally planned economy that doesn’t work. If regular people continue choosing to be powerless, we are creating a sad future for our children. They will be chained down by the burdens of debt recklessly taken on to save a corrupt status quo. What a gift we are leaving ourselves! A future devoid of freedom: one plagued by the poverty of a dysfunctional economy and society is something that should not be acceptable to any Americans.

Charles Hugh Smith recently observed, when commenting on the troubled state of our society and the necessity of people to again accept individual responsibility for themselves and the governance of their communities, “If we don’t insist on change, nothing will change, and things will fall apart. Not accepting responsibility and being powerless are two sides of the same coin: Once we accept responsibility, we become powerful.”

Healing for our nation rests on the shoulders of hundreds of millions of individual Americans, millions of whom are Hoosiers. Time for choosing rapidly approaches. Individual freedom and free will, or servitude to the state?

—Michael Lewinski

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