Best Home Furnishings awards scholarships

Best Home Furnishings recently awarded scholarships to five dependent children of full-time employees. Winners of the academic scholarships were selected by the Dubois County Community Foundation. Four $4,000 scholarships were awarded for a four-year degree and one $2,000 scholarship was awarded for a two-year degree.


Kade Allen, son of Mike and Becky Allen, plans to attend Ball State University. His father works in the Recliner Division, Upholstery Department, and his mother works in the Chair Division, Line Feed Department.








Sydney Hassfurther, daughter of Glen and Teresa Hassfurther, will attend Southern Illinois University. Her mother works as a research and development administrative assistant.








Zachary Lueken, son of Keely Mills, will attend Vincennes University. His mother is employed in the Recliner Division, Sewing Department.









Alana Schepers, daughter of Dave and Joyce Schepers, plans to attend Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis. Her mother is employed in the Chair Division, Upholstered Department.








Bradley Vaal, son of Rodney and Agnes Vaal, will attend Ball State University. His mother is employed in leather cutting.










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