Bawel wins pole bending sweepstakes

Brock Bawel of Jasper and 9-year-old sorrel gelding Sizzlin’ Redneck won the All American Quarter Horse Congress Pole Bending Sweepstakes.

The All American Quarter Horse Congress Horse Show is the largest single breed horse show in the world with more than 24,500 entries. The show attracts more then 650,000 people to the Columbus, Ohio, area.

The Pole Bending Sweepstakes has two Go rounds, and the fastest 20 contestants advance to the final short Go.

Bawel and Sizzlin’ Redneck were fourth in the first Go (20.324, earning $595.60), second in the second Go (19.583, earning $949.76) and were overall sitting second fastest going into the final Go. They ran 19.690, winning the final Go (earning $1,187.20) in addition to winning the overall average to earn the title of Pole Sweepstakes Champion. They won a check for $2,274.48 and a champion saddle, leather jacket, belt buckle and stirrups.

Sizzlin’ Redneck also carried Bawel to a Top 5 finish in amateur pole bending.

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