Ball hawks: FP senior tandem causing havoc on D

Photos by Hunter Tickel/Special To The Herald
Forest Park senior Logan Ferguson (32) is a key member and part of the Rangers' large senior class.

Special To The Herald

FERDINAND — Forest Park senior Logan Ferguson labeled Friday’s 21-7 loss to Perry Central a wake-up call.

“The seniors need to lead a little better and we need to pull the team together as a whole not keep working as individuals,” Ferguson, the Rangers safety, said.

Senior defensive backfield centerpiece Beau Rasche echoed that take and said the onus is on the fourth-year class to guide the rest of the squad.

“I think it’s really important because those guys look up to us, but I need to do a better job being a role model to them,” Rasche said. “If I’m on the field making tackles it doesn’t matter if I’m not helping them.”

For the second straight game, Rasche led the Rangers (1-1) in tackles, he has 16.5 on the young season, and Ferguson provided cover for two guys of opposite stature.

Senior linebacker Beau Rasche leads the Rangers (1-1) with 16.5 tackles this year.

“It’s definitely an important role,” Ferguson said of the secondary. “We got to know what we’re doing. Some of the guys, including myself, don’t really know what is going on at some point in time. We need to make sure we are asking questions and figuring out what we got to do and pull it together.”

Their approach for bringing down ball carriers is par for their position. Ferguson makes stops by wrapping up opponents’ ankles and knees.

“We wish he was a little bit bigger,” Forest Park coach Ross Fuhs said. “He’s a pretty small guy, he’s probably about 5-6, 5-7, 140 pounds. If he was a little bit bigger he could probably get some college looks. He’s a little guy, but he’s got a big heart.”

What he lacks in stature he makes up for with his vocal cords.

“Logan is kind of the quarterback, so to speak, of the defense,” Fuhs said. “He’s the guy that is making all of our calls, making all of our checks, making sure our guys are lined up in the right spot.”

Ferguson, who has seven tackles and one for a loss through two games, picked up the intricacies of the game from a football family, which includes his dad, Tadd, who heads up the defensive backs.

The family members have been teaming up for the Rangers primarily for the past two seasons.

The Week One game ball belonged to the safety for a stop at the goal-line to preserve a 13-12 win against Princeton.

Rasche, who has 10.5 tackles and eight solos, posses more of a smash-mouth, ground and pound technique as an enforcer.

“Beau is a pretty hard hitter,” Fuhs said. “He’ll hit you right in the chest area. He’s pretty effective doing that.”

The three-year varsity contributor can fill multiple spots mean he can influence the game for different areas on the field.

“Beau is kind of our Mr. Versatile guy,” Fuhs said. “He can play inside backer, he can play outside backer. He goes usually to the strong side of the field or wide side of the field. He can play man.”

If either of these veterans has their number called into the duty amidst the action, they can do it with swagger knowing that they have Fuhs’ stamp of approval.

“I honestly do have faith,” Fuhs said of one-on-one situations. “I think it’s just something we practice a lot, too, so it’s repetition. I think being seniors now and going through the last four years they have a pretty good feel for how to tackle, pretty good feel on moves that the other guys going to make if they do catch the ball.”

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