Azura owner to open pizza, pasta place

Photo courtesy Azura Grill & Café Facebook


JASPER — Nick Hostetter is opening a second restaurant.

Hosty’s will open in the former Villa Pizzeria building on Third Avenue.

“I’ve been kicking it around for quite a while,” he said Tuesday.

The restaurant will serve pizza, pasta and other food offerings like strombolis. The name comes from the family last name.

Hostetter owns Azura Grill & Café, which is down the street from Hosty’s. That will remain open, he said.

“I’ve got a really good crew over there,” Hostetter said. “So I can let them be and go off and do something else, and hopefully grow.”

Hostetter secured the site for Hosty's after the Villa Pizzeria owner decided to not renew his lease. Hostetter had already told his father, who owns the building, that he would be interested if the site was ever available.

“It just seems like it should be a successful business,” he said.

Villa Pizzeria closed during the COVID-19 shutdown and never reopened.

Hostetter has been working on the building and its interior for the last two months.

He hopes to have the place open within a month. “I don’t have an opening date yet,” he said. “We still have some things to button up on the inside. If we can have our drive-thru window open earlier, we’ll do that earlier.”

Once open, Hosty’s will be open in the afternoon and evening Tuesdays through Saturdays.

“We’ll be here for lunch and dinner,” Hostetter said. “So you can get breakfast at Azura’s, dinner at Hosty’s and pick lunch between the two.”

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