Attorney challenges incumbent in bid for Congress


The District 8 U.S. Representative seat, which represents Dubois County in the U.S. Congress, is on the ballot this year.


Incumbent Republican Larry Bucshon and Democratic challenger William Tanoos are seeking the position in hopes that they win the November general election.

Each candidate talked about his abilities, desires for the position and why voters should choose him for the job.

Tanoos, 35, is an attorney in Terre Haute. He said his experience will serve him well as U.S. representative.

“I have practiced disability law for 10 years, fighting for working men and women so that they can receive the financial security and medical care their hard work paid into,” he said. “I have campaigned for the last year in every county of the 8th District, meeting people of all walks of life in small and large communities, rural and urban areas. And I have come to reaffirm my strong belief that the people of this district are more alike than different, that we share a common decency and dedication to our community and that we all want to live the life we deserve and provide a stronger future for our children.”

Tanoos said he wants to join Congress to make government work better for families.

“I feel like Congress doesn’t work anymore for the middle class, or for the working men and women who have made our communities strong,” he said. “I believe in everyone having an opportunity to earn a good living, have a safe and warm home, not go bankrupt for medical expenses and send their kids to college or vocational training without crushing debt.

Tanoos wants to make Congress more unified, instead of politically divided. “The biggest issue I hear from people is tone, and the ability to work with both sides of the political aisle,” he said. “We are greatly divided right now. But traveling up and down the 8th District only reinforces my belief that we have more in common than not. I hear every day from people that they just want someone to represent them and to go to Washington to work on behalf of the people, not fight and pick sides.”

He also wants to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, as well as strengthen unions and invest in infrastructure.

“Unions gave us the middle class,” he said, “and if we can work towards rebuilding our bridges, roads, and expand broadband internet into rural areas, we will further boost our economy and strengthen the middle class.”

Tanoos and his wife, Katie, have a 2-year-old, Jack.

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Bucshon, 56, has served as District 8’s U.S. representative since 2011. Prior to that, he was a physician in Vanderburgh County.

“I believe that my roles as a physician who has cared for patients, a husband and father that has raised my family in southwest Indiana, and as the son of an underground coal miner and a nurse has given me a wealth of life experiences upon which I draw upon as I represent hard-working Hoosiers in the 8th District,” he said.

Bucshon said he decided to run for another term to bring a different voice to Congress. “I believed then, as I still do today, that ordinary Americans like me with private sector experience — not professional politicians who have spent a lifetime in public office — are needed to solve the challenges in front of us and make this country great again,” he said.

He wants to continue working on lowering the cost of health care and pushing for advanced, patient-centered solutions “that give Americans the ability and freedom to make health care decisions.”

He said he stands with President Donald Trump to advance the conservative agenda.

“As a result of the pro-growth economic policies proposed by President Trump and Republicans in Congress that I’ve supported, our economy is booming, the unemployment rate is at the lowest level in 49 years, and wages are rising for working American families,” he said. “We can’t afford to go backwards and to give up any ground to the liberals in Washington, D.C., who want nothing more than to stop our progress and regain control of the House to push a radical agenda bent on more spending, higher taxes, more regulation, a complete government takeover of healthcare, and no respect for the unborn or the Second Amendment Rights of Americans.”

Bucshon and his wife, Kathryn, have four children.

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