Associated Press articles editorialize the news

Dear Editor,

The Herald ran an article by the Associated Press on Monday about President Trump’s tweets. The headline announced that the tweets were racist.

The two authors began the article by saying that Trump was “injecting race into his criticism.” They talked later about the president defending his “incendiary weekend tweets.” Later they say that “Trump had starkly injected race into his criticism.” They noted later that “Trump, who had a long history of making racist remarks”.

Ok, so what’s my point? It is this: Articles by the Associated Press are not straight news articles. They are editorial commentaries on the news.

President Trump did not mention any race or ethnicity in his tweet, nor did he name any country. To claim that his tweets are racist is only an interpretation. It is merely one’s perception, one’s opinion.

Customarily, editorial commentary is labeled as such. I suggest that the rubric be changed to read: Commentary on the Nation &World. This alerts the reader that what is presented is not necessarily straight, unbiased news reporting.

Biased reporting needs to be labeled as commentary. That’s my whole point.

—Mike Gramelspacher Jr

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