Assisted living facility 'will feel like a home'

Candy Neal/The Herald
Workers move dirt at the future Beehive Homes of Huntingburg site. To the right is one of the Chestnut Gardens independent living duplexes.


HUNTINGBURG — Beehive Homes of Huntingburg will feel like a home, the developers said.

Stacy and Shane Lindauer want to get to know the residents who will live in the almost 13,000-square-foot assisted living facility.

“We’ve intentionally focused on a smaller number of residents to create this family feel,” Stacy said Friday morning. “What we’re trying to create is an atmosphere of making memories together around fun and fellowship. We want to develop deep relationships with our residents and the families of our residents.”

A groundbreaking sponsored by the Dubois County Chamber of Commerce was held Friday at the Beehive Homes site, 1720 N. Chestnut St. which is near 17th Street. While dirt was being tossed with gold shovels, a construction crew was working in the background, using a crane to dig up and move dirt.

The goal is to have the facility open in November, Shane said.

The 12,738-square-foot facility will have 20 bedroom units, three of which will be set up for a couple. The facility will have common spaces like the dining room, common living area and sunroom. As an assisted living facility, there will be services offered to the residents, such as prepared meals, caregivers on site, laundry and cleaning services, planned activities and outings. There will also be a meeting room available for residents to use for private gatherings with their family. All services will be included in one cost; there will be no hidden fees, Shane has said previously.

Shane told the group who came to Friday’s groundbreaking that he had been looking to make a career change when former Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner talked to him in 2019 about establishing a Beehive Home in the city; Shane has a health background, having been a chiropractor.

The Lindauers researched Beehive and its facilities, and found that they liked that they were developed to look like homes.

“That is what attracted us to Beehive,” Stacy said, “this idea of providing care around the idea of a family.”

The Lindauers found out that developers Ruger Kerstiens and Scott Steinkamp were developing independent living duplexes, Chestnut Gardens, on Chestnut Street between 17th and 19th streets and were looking for someone to develop an assisted living facility just south of the duplexes. They connected, and now are establishing the facility, with Kerstiens handling the construction and Steinkamps providing materials.

People in the area have shown interest in living and working at the facility, Stacy said.

“We are welcoming that interest,” she said.

Potential residents are being put on a mailing list “to keep them updated on the specific details of project,” Stacy said, “so that can see their home as it develops.”

Mayor Steve Schwinghamer said he looks forward to having Beehive Homes in the city. “This is something that the community needs,” he said.

The Lindauers said they are excited to bring the service to Huntingburg. “We love being in a community that supports one another,” Shane told the people at the groundbreaking, “and this is certainly one sign of that.”

Those who are interested in living or working at Beehive Homes of Huntingburg can contact Stacy at 812-639-7546. Information about Beehive Homes, including Beehive Homes of Huntingburg, can be found online at

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