Assisted living facility planned for Huntingburg


HUNTINGBURG — An assisted living home is planned for land near an under-construction independent living community.

The home, called the Beehive Homes of Huntingburg, will be just south of the Chestnut Gardens duplex, on Chestnut Street near 17th Street.

“I am so excited to provide this type of care in the Huntingburg community,” said Stacy Lindauer, co-owner of the Beehive Homes of Huntingburg franchise. “Our hope is to truly make this place a welcoming home to give the Huntingburg community a great option to assisted living care.”

Stacy and her husband, Shane, are developing a 12,738-square-foot facility that will have 20 bedroom units, three of which will be set up for a couple. The facility will have common spaces like the dining room, common living area and sunroom.

“Residents will be encouraged to come out of their rooms and engage in social interaction,” Shane said. “We hope to put in outside things for like gardening, to encourage those types of activities as well.”

As an assisted living facility, there will be services offered to the residents, such as prepared meals, caregivers on site, laundry and cleaning services, planned activities and outings. There will also be a meeting room available for residents to use for private gatherings with their family.

Living at the home and all services will be included in one cost, which has not yet been determined, Shane said. “There's not going to be hidden fees,” he said. “There will be one fee that you'll be given up front.”

Assisted living has been identified by Huntingburg as a need in the community. Denny Spinner, former Huntingburg mayor, talked about the need with Shane, who has a health background, having been a chiropractor. Spinner had done some research, and led Shane to talk to Beehive Homes, Shane said. The company has homes in 21 states, including five in Indiana.

“I was drawn to the assisted living population and specifically Beehive Homes because of the focus on personal care,” Stacy said, “and the small homestyle family feel that Beehive Homes prides themselves in establishing.”

The Lindauers liked the model of Beehive Homes, which are facilities that have about 24 bed units at the most.

“The goal is to keep a more homey feel,” Shane said. “It almost looks like a big house, and that's by design. That's the intent, that you're moving into another home.”

In looking around for a site for the facility, Shane talked talked to developer Ruger Kerstiens and learned that he and Scott Steinkamp were developing Chestnut Gardens on Chestnut Street between 17th and 19th streets. The development will be 12 independent living duplexes.

“They were looking for someone to come in on the backside and start a an assisted living facility,” Shane said. “So we're essentially doing this on the same property at Chestnut Street. And while the two are not officially tied in together, we will be working together closely. They're going to be right there beside each other.”

Beehive Homes will be on the same site, but just south of Chestnut Gardens.

Plans for Beehive Homes have been submitted to the state. The Lindauers hope to have the home completed in July or August.

Those who are interested in moving into the facility or applying to be a caregiver can contact Stacy at 812-639-7546. Information about Beehive Homes, including Beehive Homes of Huntingburg, can be found online at

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