Artwork could grace county dumpsters in Ireland


Classic and original artwork may grace the exterior of recycling dumpsters at Ireland’s county collection site, if the logistics can be worked out.

Craig Greulich, a member of the Ireland St. Patrick’s Day Committee, talked to the Dubois County Commissioners Monday about the endeavor at the site at 5303 W. State Road 56.

He explained that the committee wants to do this as part of a beautification project in the community. “We came up with the idea of having artists come in and paint the dumpsters,” Greulich said.

The committee is working with Jasper Arts Program Coordinator Corina Mack and Visual Arts Coordinator Emily Peak to get artists and the supplies needed.

The idea is to paint the sides of the dumpsters that would be visible to the public, Mack explained. For some dumpsters, that’s the sides; for others, it’s the front. If a front is painted, the words identifying what goes in the dumpsters will be visible, she said.

“If they say something on there, we’re thinking of using a nice font to really highlight that it says cardboard or glass,” Mack said.

The artists will have free rein to create, Greulich said, but there will be some stipulations. “We don’t want anything offensive, political or negative. We don’t want anything controversial,” he said. “We want something positive.”

Greulich asked the commissioners if the group could initially paint 12 of the 33 dumpsters at the site. The first four that would be painted are the ones most visible from State Road 56.

“So when you’re entering Ireland from the west, coming east, you’ll see it,” he said.

The dumpsters would be done as a mural with Vincent van Gogh’s artwork, “Starry Night.” Some future dumpsters would have original artwork or classic pieces, Greulich said.

“We hope to paint all the dumpsters over a few years,” he said. “But our initial ask is to paint 12 dumpsters.”

The committee is hoping that the four dumpsters that will be painted first can be new ones, “so that they won’t rust out yet,” Greulich said.

As time goes on, the artwork would be touched up as signs of rust and wear show through, Mack said.

The group wants to have the work done on a Wednesday and Sunday, when the center is closed. Mack added that, if it is possible, they’d like to start on Wednesday, July 17.

“We’d like to invite the community to come out on a Sunday,” she said, “to interact with the artists.”

Steve Berg, highway supervisor, said it would take some coordination to make this happen. He wasn’t sure if four of the Ireland dumpsters could be replaced with four new ones; the county has 12, but he didn’t have the information in front of him of where those dumpsters were being moved to. Current dumpsters can be sandblasted and primed, but that work is done by the bridge crew in the fall, when the crew is done with bridge work. He said he needed to check with scheduling and other work to determine how this could be done.

The commissioners said they are fine with the project, so long as the logistics can be worked out. County Attorney Greg Schnarr added that the landowner also needs to be contacted for permission. The county leases the property; it does not own it, he said.

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