Arrest follows school lot dust-up

From Local Sources

JASPER — A Monday night report of an argument in the Jasper Middle School parking lot ended with an arrest.

A concerned citizen contacted the Jasper Police Department about an argument between two individuals in the school lot at 8 p.m.

Officers arrived to find Ruben C. Sedeno, 19, 3828 N. Portersville Road, Jasper, was in an argument with his juvenile girlfriend.

Once the juvenile attempted to call 911, police said, Sedeno allegedly took the phone from her to prevent a call to law enforcement. After the juvenile asked Sedeno several times to return the phone so she could call 911, police said, Sedeno threw the phone out the window of the stationary vehicle they occupied.

The phone was broken and inoperable, police said.

Sedeno is also alleged to have taken the juvenile’s vehicle keys to prevent her from leaving.

Shortly after that, police said, officers arrived and took control of the situation.

Police said Sedeno admitted that he knew what he did was wrong; however, he did not want police called because he did not want to get in trouble.

Authorities booked Sedeno into the Dubois County Security Center at 8:24 p.m. on preliminary misdemeanor counts of interference with reporting a crime and criminal mischief.

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