Argh You Ready For Some Foosball?

Photos by Sarah Ann Jump/The Herald
Jordan Wuchner of Jasper, 6, learned to play foosball from her mentor, Chelsea Lemond of Jasper during the Mentors for Youth Halloween party on Tuesdsay evening at Teen Outback in Huntingburg. Jordan won the game. The party offered food, music, games and Halloween activities to mentors, youth and their families.


Addison Huff of Huntingburg, 6, carried candy corn across the room using a spoon in her mouth during a relay game at Tuesday's party.


Emily Ramsey of Huntingburg, 9, did her own zombie makeup as part of her costume for Tuesday's party.


Christian Biddle of Jasper, 9, played air hockey with his mentor Heather Goodhue of Jasper during Tuesday's party.


Christian Carter of Huntingburg, 14, tapped his foot to the beat of the music as he wore a bear mask during Tuesday's party.


Katie Knox, 13, allowed her mentor Mallory Alles, both of Jasper, to wrap her head in toilet paper to complete her transformation into a mummy during Tuesday's party.

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