Another side to Jasper’s ex-mayor

To the Editor:

Mayor Terry Seitz unified a divided Jasper and saw some great things done. He left Jasper a better place.

But, there was another side to Terry. It was his caring and feeling for people and especially kids. I knew Terry when he worked at WBDC and how nice he was. He helped me at a difficult time in my life.

But, to me, his caring for the children stood out. Last year, Christmas 2017, my little granddaughter was picked to help the mayor open the Santa house on the Square when Santa came to town. Thanks also to Nancy Eckerle who took care of the kids’ coloring contest to pick the winner.

We went down that day and parked in the city parking lot. Terry was walking there to the way to the fire station. He said, “Hi, Larry” and I told him this is the little girl who will help him unlock Santa’s house. And, amazingly, he said, “You must be Kayleigh. Hi.” That he took the time beforehand to know her name was great.

We all met at the fire station for the parade to the Square. When it was time to start, my granddaughter, Kayleigh, was afraid to ride on the fire truck so Terry invited her to ride inside with him and also asked me to ride with her. He made her feel really special. Thank you, Terry.

Every Halloween, he would be at the splash park by the Cabby O’Neil Gym to greet the kids. He didn’t have to do these things, but it showed he loved children.

Mr. Seitz, thank you for being a great mayor and a great person after all the sorrow you endured. You turned your life into giving and thanks for your love for the small children. Thank you and hope you have great joy in your new position. Jasper wishes you the best!

—Larry Dupps

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