Andrew McNeil is the real limited-government candidate

To the editor:

We stand at a crossroads this primary election. In Dubois County, we are blessed with a great number of high-quality, limited-government candidates to pick from in the Republican primary. One race stands out as a choice between establishment and limited-government reform, the congressional race between Rep. Larry Bucshon and Andrew McNeil.

As you have seen around the county, McNeil signs are everywhere. To date, it feels like he has personally spent more time in Dubois County since January talking to people than Rep. Larry Bucshon has since he became our representative and ran for re-election in 2012. Andrew McNeil stands for the elimination of the IRS, the anti-coal EPA, auditing the Federal Reserve and supports the complete repeal of the job-killing and healthcare destroying Obamacare. He stands for repealing the 16th Amendment that gave us the federal income tax, will only vote for balanced budgets and will never vote for increasing the debt ceiling.

In contrast, Rep. Bucshon has voted to fund Obamacare, the anti-coal budget for the EPA and the continuing resolutions to increase spending at the f ederal level. Rep. Bucshon has not co-sponsored legislation to back an investigation into Benghazi and the events that happened there. Rep. Bucshon is also a member of the pro big government Main Street PAC that is against the efforts of limited government conservatives and is part of Rep. Boehner’s trusted circle as pointed out in an article on March 4.

Is Rep. Bucshon a bad guy? No. This is about his political votes. His voting record via Heritage Action, the  No. 1 conservative go-to source, has his voting history pegged at 68 percent, with the average GOP congressman at 65 percent. Gov. Mike Pence, while a representative, was always around 80 percent. Indiana Rep. Martin Stutzman rates at 86 percent. Rep. Todd Young is a low 59 percent. Madison Project last year had the 8th Congressional District rated as a top conservative district in the country. Time we started voting that way, and let’s start by supporting and voting for Andrew McNeil for Congress in Indiana’s 8th District.

—Larry Jones

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