Allen hopes to finally win championship

Photo by Corey Stolzenbach/The Herald
A high school state baseball championship eluded Weston Allen (25) when he played for Southridge, but an Ohio Valley League Championship this year with the Dubois County Bombers is very much possible.


HUNTINGBURG — An old adage tells that not all heroes wear capes, and depending on what age you are, you might think they wear baseball uniforms. Dubois County Bombers pitcher Weston Allen sure thought they did when he was younger, and now kids look up to him and his teammates the way he did to Bombers players when he was growing up.

"Me and all my friends, whenever we were little, they were always the coolest," Allen said.

The memories of going to games with his friends when he was younger — running around, not always paying attention to the game itself, chasing after foul balls - those resonate for him.

Things have changed since Allen's younger days, and he certainly doesn't feel invincible like a superhero might. He's grown up and realizes it's college players playing baseball, and the trials and tribulations of playing so many games a week can be taxing.

Allen knows about the grind now — so he uses massage guns to help him out, and also credited running the day after throwing as means to sustain the grind.

He's partaking in this grind with some of his former Southridge teammates. The 2020 graduate has another season with Tucker Schank, who graduated in 2019. Allen and fellow 2020 alumnus Conner Oxley didn't get their senior baseball season due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting things down, but now they have another campaign with 2021 grad Chase Taylor.

"It's awesome," Allen said. "Me and those guys have played together since we were super-little, and Chase being a catcher — he was a catcher for me since I can remember. So, it's awesome to be able to have him back there again and be able to play with these guys again."

Taylor helped win the Class 3A state championship with the Raiders on June 22, with the third time being the charm after he Oxley, Schank and Allen all fell short in the Class 2A state championship games in 2018 and 2019.

The Raiders also finally broke through with Weston's younger brother, Hudson, being the starting second baseman on the team. It might be bittersweet to some to lose two state championship games, only for their younger brother to come in and win one his freshman year.

Weston, however, does not fit that description.

"I had a lot of people ask me that, and really no — I'm really proud of him that he did get his way into the starting lineup, and he got to win the state championship," Weston said. "I am really proud of him, and there's no hard feelings there."

Weston could tell Hudson was nervous for the state championship game, but he advised him to take a deep breath if he ever got stressed out — and to remember that he earned his spot.

Weston is seeing is more action with the Bombers this summer — having not seen live competition a ton since his junior campaign of 2019. The main action he saw from the end of his junior year prior to now was last summer when he competed for the Jasper Reds. He had to deal with being redshirted at Asbury University this year in addition to not getting the opportunity to compete as a senior for the Raiders.

"It was definitely difficult to stay motivated, to keep with it, but luckily, I did have my little brother there," he said. "So, we would kind of just keep each other accountable, just, 'Hey, let's go throw, let's go do this.' So, having him at home, too, definitely helped."

Hudson will forever have the distinction of being a state champion. But given the fact that the Bombers are in first place in the Ohio Valley League's North Division, and currently have the second-best record in the league overall — maybe, just maybe, big brother can join him in winning a championship in the summer of 2021.

"We all believe we can win the whole thing," Weston said.

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