All-natural products to come with ‘Sweet Emotions’

Amber Combs-Perkins, along her husband, Josh Perkins, is opening a second location of her store, Sweet Emotions Soaptions & Potions, in Huntingburg.


HUNTINGBURG — A Newburgh store that specializes in natural skin care and household products will open a second location in downtown Huntingburg.

Sweet Emotions Soaptions & Potions will open a store at 404 E. Fourth St., in the former Disinger & Kruger Jewelers building. The store will have a soft opening the week of Sept. 16, with its grand opening being Herbstfest weekend, the last weekend in September.

“It’s such an artisan community,” Sweet Emotions owner and founder Amber Combs-Perkins said about downtown Huntingburg. “And we have so many customers from Huntingburg and Jasper.”

Sweet Emotions produces and sells all-natural products.

“We have a man cave collection, a facial collection, a kids section, baby products, and home products like candles and home cleaning supplies,” Combs-Perkins said. “Basically, if you use it on yourself or in your home, we make it and sell it.”

She operates the company with her husband, production head Josh Perkins, who is known as “The Maker Man.” The couple, will have family members help staff the store at first. The husband and wife will be split between the Huntingburg and Newburgh store.

The local customer base was only part of the motivation for coming to Huntingburg.

“I saw the space advertised on Facebook, literally at five o’clock in the morning. It just happened to pop up,” Combs-Perkins said. “I thought it looked like a cute space.”

She contacted her mother-in-law, who works in Huntingburg, who sent video of the site to Combs-Perkins. After seeing that, the couple envisioned ideas for the space.

Product production will move to the Huntingburg store. “So people will be able to come in and watch Josh make the products,” Combs-Perkins said. “There is a glass wall that you can see through. So Josh will be back there. I think that will be fun. We call it our skin care scratch kitchen.”

The couple, who are originally from Washington, live in Newburgh with Josh’s children Joshua and Mia.

The Newburgh store has been around for years. But being a business owner was not something Combs-Perkins strived to do initially. “I started this six years ago in my kitchen in my townhome as a hobby,” she said. “It was not meant to be a business.”

But she got requests for her products, and that kept increasing, prompting the opening of the Newburgh store.

In the last couple of years, the company’s products were promoted on the home shopping network Evine. As a result, Sweet Emotions’ wholesale production exploded to the point that the Newburgh store had close for a year.

“We got so busy on the wholesale side,” Combs-Perkins said. “We went from producing 100 bars in a batch to Josh doing 20,000 bars of soap in three weeks. We literally had customers coming in to help us wrap soaps for orders. We were that swamped. So we closed to get our bearings.”

The whole production continued in the store space for that time. The couple reopened their local retail side in July.

“I missed having the store,” Combs-Perkins said. “We do well in a brick-and-mortar building. The retail side is my favorite. It’s where my passion is. I enjoy doing classes in the store and having parties and girls night events.”

Those are some of the services Sweet Emotions offers and they will be available at the Huntingburg store as well.

Combs-Perkins said the wholesale side of the company is going strong; their products are purchased by other companies and are in various boutiques nationwide. But her passion is the local market, the customers who walk into the actual store.

Because of that, she purposely has a lower price on the products sold in the store than what is sold online.

“It makes the experience of coming to the store more special,” she said. “We have the benefit of supporting local businesses and the local community. You can’t do this in a big city.”

The Huntingburg store will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. The store does not yet have a phone number; but Combs-Perkins can be reached at the Newburgh store, 812-319-9286. The store also has a website,, and a Facebook page with information.

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