All but 1 tornado-damaged store now open in mall

By The Associated Press

RICHMOND — An eastern Indiana shopping mall damaged by a June tornado has now reopened all but one of its storm-tossed stores.

Nine stores had remained closed when the Richmond Mall reopened in early July about two weeks after a tornado swept the 391,000-square-foot mall with winds of up to 85 mph (136 kph).

But the Palladium-Item reports that one by one those stores have reopened following cleanup work. The mall's JCPenney store reopened to customers Wednesday, leaving only the mall's OfficeMax store still closed for renovations.

The June 15 tornado punched a hole in the roof above that OfficeMax, blew out windows and scattered debris across the mall's parking lot.

The OfficeMax store is expected to reopen in December in Richmond, a city about 60 miles (96 kilometers) east of Indianapolis.

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