Airport updates capital improvements plan


HUNTINGBURG — In the next five years, Huntingburg Airport could have a new terminal building, a new T-hangar and an improved taxiway.

At least, that’s what is being laid out in the airport’s five-year capital improvements plan.

At its Monday evening meeting, the Dubois County Airport Authority Board approved the plan, which is for 2021 to 2026. It includes the anticipated projects, their cost estimates as of now and estimates of federal, state and local funding.

Construction of a 10-unit T-hangar is on the plan for this year. The $1.2 million project will likely come from state and local funds, about $64,000 each; no federal funds are anticipated.

Almost $1.3 million of work is being considered for 2022. That includes taxiway “A” lighting construction, estimated at $638,000, and relocating the airport’s fuel farm, $656,000. Federal, state and local funding would be secured for the taxiway project; local funding would be used for the relocation.

A terminal building is being considered for 2023, which will cost about $1.1 million. The state and airport are expected to split that cost.

Acquiring land for taxiway “A” and as well as land for a runway approach is the bulk of the plans for 2024. Those are estimated to cost $673,000, most of which would come from federal funding.

Tree removal work for runway work is anticipated in 2025, with federal funding covering the bulk of the estimated $669,000 cost.

In 2026, the airport anticipates constructing an access road for the new terminal building, constructing the runway approach lighting system, designing the realignment of taxiway “A” and constructing a snow removal equipment building. The total estimate for those projects is $2.1 million, with the bulk of the cost, $1.9 million, coming from federal funding; state and local funds would each cover about $100,000.

All the costs are estimates and can change as the capital improvements plan is updated. Projects can also move to different years with the update. The plan is required to be on record to apply for and receive federal funding.

Engineer Curtis Brown of the firm Woolpert Inc. told the airport authority that the plan will be sent to the Federal Aviation Administration. Woolpert works with the authority on the planning and execution of improvement projects at the airport, including securing federal and state funds.

The board also:

• Approved a resolution to balance the 2020 books and to encumber funding that wasn’t used last year to make the money available in this year’s budget.

• Approved a contract with the City of Huntingburg for fire protection and police services for 2021 and 2022. The services cost the airport $3,500 per year.

• Approved an updated list of rates and charges for using the airport’s T-hangars and services like landing and parking fees and service after hours.

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