Airport considers bigger terminal building

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Weddle Bros. Construction workers install a 36-foot-tall tunnel as part of a runway expansion at the Huntingburg Airport on Tuesday. According to Airport Manager Travis McQueen, the hope is for the project to be complete by the end of June. Unrelated to the runway work, the airport is also considering constructing a new terminal building.


HUNTINGBURG — The Dubois County Airport Authority has looked at a conceptual design for a new terminal building that would be four times bigger than the existing terminal and would better serve the airport’s needs.

The board has not yet decided whether it will pursue constructing the new facility. But board members wanted to get an idea of how much a new facility would cost.

They heard about the design during their virtual meeting Monday evening.

The design was created by Q.N.A.C. Consulting, which is comprised of Quintin Yockey, transportation engineer; Nick Bates, structural engineer; Alex Perez, geotechnical engineer and client liaison; and Caleb Williams, stormwater engineer and project engineer. The four men are seniors at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, and created the design as their senior project.

“The overall design and layout is adaptable,” Bates told the authority board. “While this is our recommendation for the design, other than the bathrooms and the collapsible divider wall in the conference rooms, the floor plan can be adjusted to meet any additional needs or requirements of the airport, that may come up in the future.”

Q.N.A.C. suggests that a new 5,100-square-foot terminal building sit on land west of the current terminal building and east of the fueling service site.

The building design includes a lobby that could also be used as a reception area; two conference rooms with a collapsible wall in between that could be moved to make the space into one big conference room; bathrooms that would be ADA-accessible and would double as severe storm shelters; two offices and a flight planning room; and a kitchen area with appliances and vending machines that visitors could use.

Weddle Bros. Construction workers install a 36-foot-tall tunnel as part of a runway expansion at the Huntingburg Airport on Tuesday.

A large passenger lounge would be on the north side of the facility. That area would have a large window on the north wall to let in natural light and to provide visitors a direct view of the runway, Bates said.

The terminal design also includes a pilot lounge “One of the biggest issues talked about during our visit to the airport is that pilots do not have their own space,” Bates said. “This space gives them a place to rest, relax, or even sleep separate from the rest of the airport’s activities.”

The facility would have solar panels for energy. And there would be some seating outside as well, including an arbor on the west side and garden seating on the east. Both areas would have a view of the runway.

“The space is very is flexible and allows for the airport to adjust capabilities as desired,” Williams said.

A 36-space parking lot would sit just south of the new building. A maintenance road that runs south to Airport Road would be upgraded to become the access road leading to the new building.

Q.N.A.C. estimated the project costing about $1,510,000. That includes $1,130,000 million for the terminal building, $54,000 for the access road, $40,000 for the parking lot, and $280,000 for stormwater management.

The board will review the design and discuss the idea at future meetings.

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