Aims of radical Democrats are now observable facts

To the editor:

Well, it seems like my predictions in my early February letter are coming true. As a consequence of having stolen the election, the Democrats would need to ensure that they could not just be voted out of office in two years, thus we have HR 1, which codifies fraudulent-ripe election practices. In order to pass it, the filibuster will have to go. Henceforth, it is winner take all. With his minority power gone, recently re-elected Senator McConnell is said to be planning his early departure.

It is all out in the open now. The aims of the radical Democrats are now observable facts. They intend to be running things forever. Decisions will all be made at the Federal level. This bill changes the very nature of our government. America would become a Democrat-Party dictatorship. The way the last election was stolen would be the way every federal election would go.

If the Democrats get their way, President Trump will have been the last duly-elected President of the United States. Once the effects of the Chinese cyberattack on the 2020 election are backed out, it was 79 million for Trump and 68 million for Biden. What? MSNBC didn’t tell you? The Communist ideologs who run our security agencies didn’t inform President Trump either.

Their first goal is to destroy everything President Trump has achieved: millions of new jobs, rapid growth in incomes, significant growth in the percentage of working wealthy people among Hispanics and black Americans. The number of abortions had dropped significantly. Illegal immigration had been limited. Trump achieved phenomenal, tangible successes in the international arena, without a single war — on the contrary, the “brilliant” [Kissinger] consolidation of peace in the Middle East.” He was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize. All traded for what, Biden/Harris? All destroyed through a fraudulent election.

What we are really seeing here is the age-old battle between Communism and anti-Communism, between totalitarian government and democratically elected government. This is for keeps. Will the Communist coup secede or will America again become a free Constitutional republic?

—Mike Gramelspacher Jr.

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